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A public transport company in Shanghai has deployed ultraviolet (UV) light units to disinfect public buses using less time and manpower. Officials from China’s National Health Commission point out that the coronavirus that causes Covid-19 is sensitive to ultraviolet light and heat. The World Health Organisation, however, cautions the general public about the use of UV lamps for directly sterilising hands or other areas of skin.

Gulf states must address poor indoor air quality, report says

new study found incense burning and a lack of proper ventilation can impact health in the long-term

Incense burning and hookah smoking is reducing air quality inside homes and malls in the Gulf, a study has found.

The new research said pollution caused by construction was also penetrating buildings in the region.

Coronavirus: Robots use light beams to zap hospital viruses

"Please leave the room, close the door and start a disinfection," says a voice from the robot.

"It says it in Chinese as well now," Simon Ellison, vice president of UVD Robots, tells me as he demonstrates the machine.

Through a glass window we watch as the self-driving machine navigates a mock-hospital room, where it kills microbes with a zap of ultraviolet light.

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