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UAE’s first ultraviolet sanitising robot unveiled

UAE’s first ultraviolet sanitising robot unveiled

The new automated UVC Robot presented by an office and industrial santisation company, Sanitizeexperts, has introduced the smart new gizmo that disinfects a 800 square metre area within 150 minutes, which is around 10 times the efficiency of manual disinfection.

No need to disinfect with harmful spray and chemicals that can leave residues, the squeaky clean ultraviolet cleaning is designed to create a multiple barrier in reducing the trasmission of COVID-19 along with other harmful virus and bacteria lurking in the air.

The Ultraviolet sterilisation robot uses intelligent pulse disinfection and nature navigation AI technology to automatically plan its path and judge the disinfection time required within the environment. Its radar vision and ultrasonic obstacle avoidance allows it to move freely around the space without colliding.

The robot’s UV-C lamps, which can work up to 8,000 hours, disinfect and kill bacteria effectively, yet safely. The robot’s infrared system can also recognise when a human is within reach and automatically shuts the lamp down.

The Robot works through WiFi and can be managed with the click of a button either on a PC or through the App. The software will assist the user in mapping the area that needs to sanitise and even has a multiple automated UVC robot working simultaneously. When the battery level energy is low, the robot will automatically go back to its station and charge.

Omar Chappuis, CEO of Sanitizexperts said: “The Automated UVC Robot is an exciting development against COVID-19, which we’re very excited to introduce to the UAE. Whether in a hospital, airport, mall, home or the office, the robot will ensure that bacteria are eliminated, allowing for clean, safe living”.


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