What is Air Sanitization

Air Disinfection

Any facility that needs to disinfect air spaces can use a UV light to do so, to some extent. There needs to be sufficient contact of the air with the UV light, making this type of disinfection more effective on still or stagnant air than on moving air. To improve the efficacy of air disinfection, many facilities choose to install UV disinfection lights at the upper level of the room, so as the air naturally circulates, it will be cleaner. Facilities can also choose to install UV lamps near coils and drain pans of cooling systems such as air conditioners and refrigeration devices, which can prevent bacteria from growing in those cool, damp conditions and eventually being released into the air.

Using HEPA and several other filtration layers plus UV lamp is the best air sanitization you can get.

We offer you , home, office and industrial solution that can clean up to 1500 m3 per hour.






Air Sanitizers

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