What is UV-C light?

Germs killer

Germs killer

Scientists discovered a while ago that the UV-C can kill microorganisms: it has the capability to inactivate the DNA of Viruses, Bacteria, or other germs, which stop them from reproducing, and therefore die. In other word, it can sterilise without the intervention of any chemical product.

Proven technology

Proven technology

UV light has been used in hospitals, clinics and labs for years, to help sanitize operating and patient rooms, and surgical equipment.
More recently it's been also use widely for water purification or for public spaces disinfection like airports. 



UV-C lamps help improving your environmental footprint by reducing the use of chemicals that can harm the environment, of single wipes that end up in rivers and oceans, and of single used plastic packaging needed for cleaning products.


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What is Air Sanitization

Any facility that needs to disinfect air spaces can use a UV light to do so, to some extent. There needs to be sufficient contact of the air with the UV light, making this type of disinfection more effective on still or stagnant air than on moving air.

What is Surface Sanitization

According to the UV Germicidal Irradiation handbook, surface disinfection usually refers either to the disinfection of building and ventilation system internal surfaces or (and in our view more commonly) the disinfection of equipment and any material surfaces.

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